Trauma in Pregnancy

When confronted with the pregnant trauma patient a unique challenge presents itself, largely due to the fact care must be provided for two patients—the mother and the unborn child. Many Anatomical and physiological changes occur in pregnancy which can mask or mimic injury, the mechanism of injury may also indicate possible, unseen, trauma to enlarged or naturally displaced organs (due to foetal growth) especially during the third trimester.

Domestic violence and road traffic collisions (RTC's) are the main causes of trauma in pregnancy




Administer high levels of supplemantal oxygen aiming for target saturations of 94-98%. Provide assisted ventilations if indicated, To prevent inferior vena cava compression it will be necessary to manually displace the uterus to the left or tilt the patient to the left by 15-30 degrees, Manage pain with the use of Entonox if indicated, Apply appropriate splintage for pelvic or long bone fractures, Measure blood glucose levels

Secondary Survey

ASHICE (Consider)

Transport to Hospital (Smooth journey to prevent further complications and discomfort)

Professional Handover

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