Drug Procedures

As a technician you may be able to administer certain drugs to patients for a number of conditions ranging from high temperature in children to cardiac related problems. 

Each Ambulance service will have different guidance as to the drugs that can be administered

Drug administration routes in pre-hospital environment

Enternal Routes

Parenteral Routes

Technician Drugs

For information regarding the correct dosages and how to administer a specific drug please refer to a copy of your services current clinical practice guidelines.

UK: UK Ambulance Services Clinical Practice Guidelines 2013

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Drug Codes

  • Adrenaline - ADM
  • Asprin - ASP
  • Entonox - NOO
  • Glucagon - GLU
  • GTN - GTN
  • Hypostop - GLG
  • Oxygen - OXG
  • Paracetamol - PAR
  • Salbutamol - SLB
  • GTN Buccal - GTN

Drug Routes

  • Oral - Swallowed
  • Sublingual - Absorbed through mucus membranes in mouth
  • Intramuscular (IM) - Injection into muscle
  • Subcutaneous (SC) - Injection into subcutaneous tissue
  • Nebulisation (NEB) - Liquid drug agitated in oxygen to form small droplets that are inhaled
  • Buccal - Tablet placed under upper lip and left to dissolve