About ATS

Hi, welcome to ambulancetechnicianstudy.co.uk. My name is Shane, I'm currently a Paramedic with an NHS ambulance trust on the South Coast of England.

Before joining the ambulance service on a technician training course, I spent numerous hours searching on the internet for information which related to the daunting task ahead. This, I was hoping, would give me an insight into the type of material taught to UK emergency medical technicians (EMT's). The searches were futile as very little FREE information is available. It was this that gave me the idea to produce a site for those who are due to study pre-hospital care and for staff already in the field to use as a study aid.

With guidance and advice from a social media firm in Brighton, Nixon Mcinnes, the first edition of Ambulance Technician Study(ATS) went 'Live' in June 2004. Since that date ATS has grown to what it is now with visitors from ALL over the world who have seen ATS as a valuable educational resource


Careers in the UK Ambulance Service

I receive lots of questions from people interested in joining the ambulance service. Each trust has it's own recruitment criteria and as such I'm not able to answer all the questions you may have. I suggest you visit the Links page for a list of all UK ambulance trusts. These sites usually have a 'contact us' page where you can ask any recruitment related questions you may have.


Since Ambulance Technician Study has been 'live' I have received feedback from people who have used the site. I appreciate knowing peoples thoughts about this learning resource, so if you have something to say, drop me an email using the feedback link. 

I try and personally reply to each and everyone of you that give feedback, good or bad. So thanks to everyone who has taken the time to comment about Ambulance Technician Study.


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