UK Ambulance Services
  1. East Midlands
  2. East of England
  3. Great Western
  4. London
  5. Northeast
  6. NorthWest
  7. South Central
  8. South East Coast
  9. South Western
  10. West Midlands
  1. Scottish Ambulance Service
  1. Welsh Ambulance Service
Northern Ireland
  1. Northern Ireland Ambulance Service

  1. The Association of Ambulance Chief Executives (AACE)
  2. College of Paramedics (Formally British Paramedic Association)
  3. Paramedic Resource Centre
  4. Health Professions Council
  5. Joint Royal Colleges Ambulance Liason Committee
  6. SPServices (Suppliers of Ambulance and Paramedic equipment)
  7. EMS Village
  8. UK Ambulance Forum A forum for everyone interested in pre-hospital care
  9. Online Development and Portfolio Builder for Healthcare Professionals
  10. GLS Educational Supplies
Anatomy and Physiology
  1. Systems of the Body
    1. Systems of the Body
  2. Cardiovascular
    1. Inner Body
    2. Cliffs Notes
  3. Nervous
    1. Inner Body
    2. Cliffs Notes
  4. Respiratory
    1. The Virtual Autopsy
    2. Cliffs Notes
  5. Skeletal
    1. Cliffs Notes
    2. Bones
  1. - An online training resource for all healthcare practitioners involved in conducting and interpreting Electrocardiographs (ECG).
  2. ECG Basics
  3. ECG Library
  4. A Bundle of What?
  5. ECG Learning Centre
  6. ECG Introduction
  7. EKG Quizzer
  8. Minding Your P's and Q's
  9. 12 Lead ECG Basics (Powerpoint Presentation)
  10. Cliffs Notes
Self Tests
  1. Emergency Care in the Streets Online Chapter Pretests
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