Crash Helmet Removal

When you attend an RTC that involves a motorcyclist you will, if not already done, have to remove his/her helmet to carry out your primary and secondary survey. Below is the safe method for this removal. The procedure is to be carried out by 2 competent people. These same procedures also apply to all incidents involving a patient with a helmet on.

The person holding the Head/Neck should be in control of this task. If at any time they are not happy with how the helmet is being removed they should stop the procedure

Open Faced Helmet
Full Faced Helmet

NOTE: Helmets, by the nature of their design, are generally a snug fit. As such substantial effort is required to remove them. Be sure that the individual holding the neck and head is happy with their positioning before removal commences.

If cutting the straps allow enough length so that there is enough to grip securely

View PDF document here showing removal technique Helmet Removal

Thanks to Graham for his feedback

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