Pelvic Injuries

Fracture of the pelvis can be life-threatening due to extensive haemorrhage — haemorrhage that may prove very difficult to stop. Pelvic fracture immediately raises suspicion of injury to organs that reside in the pelvis. Pelvic fracture may be associated with a torn urethra, bladder rupture or internal reproductive organs.


Fractures of the pelvis can be caused by low-energy trauma, such as falls, or by high-energy trauma, such as motor vehicle accidents and falls from a great height. 

Signs and symptoms of a pelvic fracture may include:




Reassurance, Entonox for pain relief, Make patient comfortable, immobilise knees and ankles to prevent movement, Do not allow the patient to pass urine as the bladder may tear on emptying, support the injury with plenty of padding.

Secondary Survey

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Transport to Hospital

Professional Handover

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