A poison is a substance which is harmful to your body. Poisons may be taken accidentally or deliberately. Poison accidents are often caused through carelessness.

There are four ways poisons can enter the body, through

  1. Ingestion - Taken by mouth, liquid or solid
  2. Inhalation - Breathed in, gases or fumes 
  3. Absorption - Taken in through the skin, pesticides etc
  4. Injection - Insect and animal bites, needles (drugs)
Types of PoisonSkull

Poisons can be classified as:

Signs and Symptoms - all or some may be present


Non - Corrosive

Neurotoxic Poisons

A neurotoxin is any substance which possesses the ability to damage or destroy nerve tissue. Neurotoxic injury may occur on an intentional or inadvertent basis.

Example of intentional injury would be drug abuse from Heroin


Eyes, ears, nose, and throat Heart and blood vessels Nervous system


Remove from source of poison, Induce vomiting if not a corrosive/Irritant substance, Remove contaminated clothing, If in eyes treat as for eye injury, Get a sample of poison or container and take to hospital so substance can be identified, attach patient to ECG, Reassurance, Be prepared to carry out CPR

Secondary Survey

ASHICE (Consider)

Transport to Hospital

Professional Handover

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